The Mission

The challenges that mankind has recently faced have profoundly changed our habits and routines. The growing adoption of remote work has led to spending an ever-increasing amount of time in our houses.

In this context, we founded Hoomie with a clear mission: to create and cater to a community that wants to celebrate the home as a core element in our daily lives

The Need

While it can be tempting to fall into a uniform of sweatpants and pyjamas, psychologists have found out that wearing the right clothing at home helps to feel put together. And, feeling good with ourselves boosts self-confidence and productivity

However, we realized that no brand was committed to fulfilling this need...

The Character

Hoomie was created to enhance home well-being.

The brand name takes inspiration from the word “foodie”, a person who is in love with food. Similarly, a member of the Hoomie community wants to fully enjoy the small daily pleasures that our homes have to offer.

We don’t dress up for anyone but ourselves. In fact, our wardrobe is not meant to show off but to express our own personality, even when nobody's watching!